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● Amazingly easy to roll, huge wheels easily take curbs
● Tons of storage underneath
● Comes with a nice bassinet & bug shield as well
● Reversible, so they can look at you when they’re younger & outward as they get bigger
● The first few times you open/close, seems a bit tricky, but you get the hang of it within a week
● Extremely well built; wheels can be quickly replaced if needed
● Can be expanded for two, or add a board to the back for an older child to ride along
● Accepts a number of car seats via an adaptor (including the Peg), as well as their new Mesa seat.

Perhaps no other item is as mind-numbing and difficult to research, as the choice of a good all-around stroller. This was the very first item I researched on our trek to parenthood & it was brutal, trying to figure out the best choice. Simply Exhausting. So, I will take a great deal of personal satisfaction if I can help everyone reading this blog, narrow down the choices to a few & save the countless hours I spent trying to make sense of all this.

I watched YouTube videos. I purchased a Stroller Review report from a baby tradeshow conference (yes, seriously).  I really struggled with which one to pick. There seemed to be hundreds of choices, all with different pluses and minuses, good reviews and bad. The conventional wisdom regarding the “go to” choice had changed over the past 5-7 years. No longer was BugaBoo the best, even if it’s still one of the most expensive.

Then, I stumbled across one video where it all clicked. Not of the stroller itself… but of the family, the owner of the UppaBaby company. An engineer, with kids of his own and a tough critic (his wife!). In the interview, talking about his latest product (the Mesa car seat) it was crystal clear: he was incredibly passionate about his company, wanted the absolute best product and constantly improved the design, year after year.

Each year’s reviews on Amazon just get better and better. A client would wish for a feature in their review, and the next year it would be incorporated. Over and over, year after year.


This guy is a perfectionist. He cares deeply about his products, and the children who would use them. I decided I better take a look at his stuff, because my gut instinct was it would be good. If I could buy their stock, I would.

I researched for hours. Read hundreds of reviews. Went out on the street (my neighborhood is baby central), and started counting how many UppaBabies I saw. They were everywhere.

Then, I went to my local store I trusted and asked them about the UppaBaby Vista. they gushed non-stop about how great it was, the construction, how they never come back needing service.  I predict in a few years’ time, UppaBaby will completely own this market. If you take one piece of advice from this entire blog, please take a very serious look at this stroller. It’s not cheap, but it is the best. We love ours!!

Honorable Mentions:
●  CityMini (for ease of fold)
●  4Moms Origami (for sheer coolness factor, automatically folds itself)
●  MacLaren for those who need/want an umbrella stroller to supplement their main one, this is still the default option

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